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Date(s) - 07/01/2020 - 20/02/2020

Lukt het jou om je mede studenten op te sporen op hun andere faculteiten? Heb jij het in je om een echte hitman te zijn? Doe dan mee aan dit fantastische spel, gotcha, waarin jij de strijd aan gaat met jouw mede honoursstudenten. Je krijgt van ons een waterpistool en een naam, de rest is aan jou. De laatste persoon die overleeft wint het spel, verdere uitleg en alle regels zullen op de website komen te staan. Aanmelden kan tot 24 januari, veel succes!


Can you be a real hitman? Stalking your fellow students at their faculties? Then join this awesome game, gotcha, where you’ll battle against your friends from honours! You’ll get a watergun and a name, and the rest is up to you. Last person standing wins. The rules will be further explained on the website. You can sign up until January 24th. Good luck!


So here are the rules: Next week you will receive your target by e-mail. The aim of the game is to eliminate your target by shooting it with your water gun, and of course not to be hit yourself. The great thing is that the NSHV is an interdisciplinary association, meaning your target could be hanging out on a completely different faculty.

The game consists of two rounds. The first round starts on Thursday 30 January 00:00 until Monday 10 February 23:59. The first murder must be committed within this period. If that is still not successful, you will be declared outlaw. That means that everyone still alive in the game is free to kill you. This period lasts until Friday, February 14, 23:59. If you have not committed your murder before this time you will die automatically. So if you’re an outlaw, kill your target asap.

If you have disabled your target, send an email within 12 hours to stating who you killed, the time of the murder and the location. You will take on the target of your target, keeping the game going.

The second round starts on Monday 17 February 00:00 and runs until Thursday 20 February 23:59. The same rules apply as in the first round. The outlaw period of this round lasts until Tuesday 25 February 23:59.

The murder weapon is the water pistol purchased by the NSHV, so nothing else is used! These water guns can be picked up in the association room on Wednesday during the break (12:20 to 13:30). If you do not have the opportunity to come then mail to

Importantly, there are a number of free zones within which no murders are committed. This concerns the following locations / situations:
• During meetings (e.g. of commissions)
• While taking exams, and half an hour beforehand
• Silence zones such as the university library, the libraries in the various faculties and computer rooms
• The association room
• Café Ruygh (during drinks on February 11th)

Everywhere else is the game is on

For any other questions, now and during the game, mail to


Bookings are closed for this event.