Meet the XIth Board of the NSHV


Nuria de Jong : Chairwoman

Lovely members of the NSHV,

My name is Núria de Jong and I will be your chairwomen of the XIe board of the NSHV. I am 21 years old and in my third year of my study Notorial Law. I am a rare mix of a spontaneous Spanish (Catalan) and loyal Frisian backgrounds

I like to do all kinds of sports swimming, dancing, tennis, cycling, squash but I also played in a volleybal team for several years.

Last year I did the interdisciplinaire honours program Building Bridges together with Wies, Jasmijn and Sara (did you know that Wies, Jasmijn and I worked together in the same studio for the first semester called Wijze Woorden). I joined the NSHV last year immediately after the wonderful introduction weekend to Movie-park Germany. From the moment I joined it felt like coming home, all the members are so nice and I’am so glad to be a part of the NSHV family. Even though I wasn’t in any commission last year I have always been very involved and went to almost all the activities last year.

I’am looking forward to being a board-member this year and I am certain that we will organise a lot of unforgettable activities even if they have to be online. I will also take a seat in the special Lustrum committee because this year the NSHV exists ten years!



Maike Grootenhaar: Secretary

Haajj dear members! This year I, Maike Grootenhaar, will be the secretary of the XIth  board. I am 22 years old and in my 5th year of Medicine (which means that I am doing internships throughout the country) and I come from the beautiful and down to earth Twente.

I am a real sports fan; I do speed skating, inline skating, cycling and running. I also have a great passion for grilled cheese sandwiches, bouncy houses and board games.

I have been a member for a number of years and I enjoyed all activities. My favourite activity still is the introduction weekend with the theme parks, exciting ghost tours and the many games (which I have never cheated on of course…). After being on the formal committee last year (Yes, shout out to the toppers of the 2019-2020 formal committee!), I thought it was time to give back to this association.

I am really looking forward to making something beautiful this year together with you! And to keep up the good spirits during these uncertain times, I apply the KWW policy from Twente: "Kieken wat het wordt!” (roughly translated something in the line of: we will see what is going to happen).

Maike 5.0

Wies van Koeverden: Treasurer


Jasmijn Janssen: Commissioner External Affairs




Jasmijn 2.0

Sara Jansen: Commissioner Internal Affairs

Dear visitors and lovely members of the NSHV,

My name is Sara Jansen and I am this year’s Commissioner Internal Affairs! Obviously, the best function if you’re asking me, since I get the chance to work closely with great, enthusiastic committee members and make sure a lot of wonderful activities are organized.

I’m now in my third year of the (very original) study Medicine, during which I gained some committee experience myself at the MFVN and IFMSA. Both nice associations, but in the last year I discovered that my heart truly lies with the NSHV <3 which is why I wanted to join the board!

In my spare time I listen a lot of music, I have my own turntable which is amazing but I also like to play the piano myself. Besides that, I love baking, cooking, playing games and doing all kinds of sports, varying from triathlon to sailing to squash.

This year will be very ‘interesting’, but I’m sure that together we’re creative and flexible enough to make it a great, gezellig and unforgettable one!

Hope to see you all at our coming activities!!