Xth Board of the NSHV



Yana van de Sande: Chairwoman

Hi! Nice that you come to take a look at our website and want to get to know us better! As chairman, I would like to welcome you to our association. My name is Yana van de Sande, I am a 22-year student of Communication Science and Artificial Intelligence. My great passion for research started at a young age, when I and my brother tried to build rockets (although he did not go up, our structure caused a big burning spot in my father's precious lawn). This passion for space slowly developed into a passion for the human brain and behavior. Yet I did not find my love in biology and psychology, but I found that my nose for technology could be combined with my social side within the human-computer interaction field. That is what I am doing now. In addition to doing research, developing and sharing my knowledge, I also have a great passion for cooking, eating, good conversations and bringing interesting people together. In this way I also control the NSHV, where I hope to encourage people to have a deeper conversation, to feel welcome and to use each other's network and knowledge to get more out of life.



Michelle Jacobs: Secretary

Hi! It is time that you meet the secretary of the Xe board. My name is Michelle, 22 years old and I come from beautiful and pleasant Limburg. I am currently in the fourth year of Medicine, which means that I am doing internships at the hospital this year. In addition to these internships I do a lot of sports (especially weightlifting) and I like watching Netflix. I have been a member of the NSHV since 2017 and this association has given me a lot; from new friends to unforgettable memories and a few hangovers. To give something back to this fantastic association, I decided to do a board year this year. One of the activities that I am most looking forward to this year is the Batavierenrace. I hope to get to know many of you better and that we are going to have a good year!




Ilse van Es: Treasurer

Hi everyone! I am Ilse van Es and this year it is my task, as treasurer, to keep an eye on all the money. I also keep an eye on all committees and I am involved in the organization of the cantus and the Batavierenrace.

Although I started my master Biomedical Sciences this year, and I also follow propadeutic courses in biology, you will not often find me in the lecture halls. In addition to the time that I spend in the association, I can often be found in either the sports center or walking or cycling through nature.

I am sure that, as Xth board, we will have a great year together. I hope to see many new faces on the upcoming activities and get to know you all better!


Ryan Ketelaar: External Affairs Commissioner

I'm Ryan, currently a second-year medical student. I have always become very interested in anatomy and the functioning of the human body, and in fourth grade I knew I wanted to do medicine. After a year of biology in Groningen, this has succeeded. However, I do not yet know whether I want to become a doctor, if so I think a psychiatrist is very nice, mental processes and mechanisms I find even more fascinating than physical ones. I am originally from Friesland and speak Frisian at home, so here is a nice original Frisian saying: ''It is de boer al lyke folle, as de ko skyt as de bolle.''





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