Nijmeegse Studenten Honoursvereniging

The NSHV (Nijmeegse Studenten Honoursvereniging) was established on the 4th of January 2011 to promote the relationship between interdisciplinary honoursstudents. Nowadays, all honoursstudents, both disciplinary and interdisciplinary (and international!) are welcome to join. We've got plenty of events: interesting lectures, going out for drinks, holidays abroad and much, much more. We work together with the Radboud Honours Academy as well in order to organize events, like lectures or buddy programs for refugees.


The Xth board of the NSHV consists of:

  • Yana van de Sande (Chairwoman)
  • Michelle Jacobs (Secretary)
  • Ilse van Es (Treasurer)
  • Ryan Ketelaar (External Affairs Commissioner)

Want to get to know the board better? Click here: The Xth board of the NSHV.

Or take a look to the Former Boards.

Regulations & Records*

* Unfortunately, these documents are in Dutch.


You can find the privacy statement of the NSHV here.

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Informal Events

The informal events are the heart and soul of the association. Whether it's the monthly get-together at the Bascafé, a BBQ or a karaoke evening, there's always fun to be had at the informal events. Given the name, it probably comes as no surprise that this committee is responsible for organizing these events.

Formal Events

This committee is responsible for organizing all the formal events the NSHV has to offer. While the informal events are the heart of the association, surely the informal events are the brains. Lectures, workshops, CV-checks and more. Thanks to the committee being part of the NSHV means being intellectually active as well.


Following the NSHV tradition, the yearly prom was organised every in December. With the enthusiasm of this committee, it was promised to be a great evening... and it was! With many people who joined, a great location and a fantastic theme, it was an unforgettable evening filled with nice music, a relaxed atmosphere, fun and more!


The superheroes of the promotion committee make sure that rumours on great NSHV activities are spread throughout the union and troughout whole Nijmegen. With the use of photoshop, social media and more, they fulfill this job in a great way. All the catchy Facebook post and funny banners are set up by them, the NSHV-goodies and sweaters are designed by this committee and of course, all the photoshop-art is created by them.


The fit members of this committee organize our participation in the Batavierenrace, the biggest student sports event in Europe. With their help, we will partake together with other associations as team H.U.G.O (Honours, USA, G.A.G, and Ockham). On the weekend of the 11th of May, we will show our endurance to the rest of the country!

Yearly Trip

The travel committee organises a trip to an interesting and fun destination every year. This time, the NSHV will travel to Berlin in February! With all the knowledge and experience of the travel committee, it's promised to be a great trip.


Every year, the association travels abroad over one weekend. We go to a city that's not too far away, like Antwerp or Brussels. This committee makes sure we arrive AND leave in one piece and they make sure we've got plenty to do and see while we're there.

Editorial Office

This committee is responsible for publishing the NSHV magazine called 'Prisma' four times a year. Here you can find all sorts of interesting (or silly) articles, photos of our events and more. You can see Prisma online on this website, or you can get (and read) one in the NSHV-Room (TvA 1.00.32) during the breaks.

NSHV Magazine

Prisma, the NSHV-magazine, is published four times a year by the Editorial Office. Filled with standard colums, photos, puzzles and more, it's always promised to be a magazine that's great to spend your days with. You can pick up the good old paper edition of the magazine in the NSHV-Room (TvA 1.00.31) or at the Radboud Honours Academy. Of course, in this day and age, you can also read it with one click of your mouse.


The NSHV-magazine is called Prisma because of the various study backgrounds, ages, interests and goals of NSHV-members. All these students have joined together in one study society. A Prisma spreads a white light bundle to a full spectre of colours, just like honours students are spread out over the whole spectre of studies.


The Editorial Office is always looking for members who want to write, draw, make puzzles or make other contributions to the NSHV-magazine. Please to contact them by sending an e-mail to if your hands begin to tremble of excitement after reading these editions.





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