Nijmeegse Studenten Honoursvereniging

The NSHV (Nijmeegse Studenten Honoursvereniging) was established on the 4th of January 2011 to promote the relationship between interdisciplinary honoursstudents. Nowadays, all honoursstudents, both disciplinary and interdisciplinary (and international!) are welcome to join. We've got plenty of events: interesting lectures, going out for drinks, holidays abroad and much, much more. We work together with the Radboud Honours Academy as well in order to organize events, like lectures or buddy programs for refugees.


The XIIth board of the NSHV consists of:

  • Lucie Göbbels (Chairwoman)
  • Clara Eggenhuizen (Secretary)
  • Joni Lemmens (Treasurer)
  • Anna van Florestein ( Commissioner Internal Affairs)
  • Myrthe van Wilgen (Commissioner External Affairs)

Want to get to know the board better? Click here: The XIIth board of the NSHV.

Or take a look to the Former Boards.

Regulations & Records*

* Unfortunately, these documents are in Dutch.


You can find the privacy statement of the NSHV here.

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Formal Committee

The Formal Committee organizes an interesting and educational activity every month. Some examples are a symposium, theatre or museum visit or an etiquette dinner. Besides that, the Formal Committee organizes the annual gala, a spectacular and popular activity. With its activities, this committee keeps challenging the NSHV-members. It makes the NSHV a real honours association! From left to right: Jasmijn Janssen, Lisa van Valburg, Inse Bekx, Fynn Eckhardt, Stefanie Linskens, Anna van Florestein. Not pictured: Romy Bosvelt, Núria de Jong.

Trip Committee

The Trip Committee organizes the annual trip of the NSHV, which will be about five days long and will have a foreign destination. Previous trips have been to Stockholm, Rome and Vilnius. For now, this year´s destination remains a surprise! What’s certain though, is that this enthusiastic committee will make a great success of the trip, filled with wonderful places, new experiences and great company. From left to right: Clara Eggenhuizen, Martijn Zeekaf, Sara Jansen, Steef Berkeljon, Marjolein de Koning.

Informal Committee

The Informal Committee organizes an informal activity every other month. Some examples are a game night, barbeque or cocktailworkshop. Besides that, this committee is responsible for the monthly drinks, which has a different theme every time. The Informal Committee also organizes the annual cantus and batavierenrace in collaboration with other associations. From left to right: Floor van Heerwaarden, Nele Korth, Marleen Schutjens, Wies van Koeverden, Lena Rieder, Anna van Florestein. Not pictured: Anouk Wiegerinck.

Financial Committee

The Financial Committee checks the book keeping and the yearly balance sheet. Three times a year, it requests to be informed about the pursued financial policy, and reports about this. From left to right: Wies van Koeverden, Jill Schok. Not pictured: Ilse van Es.


NSHV Magazine


Prisma was the Magazine of the NSHV, which we quit a few years ago. We now keep our members updated on activities via Instagram or Whatsapp.





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