Nijmeegse Studenten Honoursvereniging

The NSHV (Nijmeegse Studenten Honoursvereniging) was established on the 4th of January 2011 to promote the relationship between interdisciplinary honoursstudents. Nowadays, all honoursstudents, both disciplinary and interdisciplinary (and international!) are welcome to join. We've got plenty of events: interesting lectures, going out for drinks, holidays abroad and much, much more. We work together with the Radboud Honours Academy as well in order to organize events, like lectures or buddy programs for refugees.


The XIth board of the NSHV consists of:

  • Nuria de Jong (Chairwoman)
  • Maike Grootenhaar (Secretary)
  • Wies van Koeverden (Treasurer)
  • Sara Jansen ( Commissioner Internal Affairs)
  • Jasmijn Janssen (Commissioner External Affairs)

Want to get to know the board better? Click here: The XIth board of the NSHV.

Or take a look to the Former Boards.

Regulations & Records*

* Unfortunately, these documents are in Dutch.


You can find the privacy statement of the NSHV here.

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Informal Committee

In the informal committee we organize an informal activity every other month. Think of a game night, Sinterklaas activity or cocktail workshop. Apart from that, we are also responsible for the monthly ‘borrel’/drinks. For this we come up with a theme and sometimes a small activity, such as a Christmas quiz or an ugly sweater competition. The annual cantus and Batavierenrace also fall under the informal committee. The cantus is in collaboration with Marie Curie, the study association of Physics and Astronomy, and the Batavierenrace is in collaboration with Honours associations from other cities. We meet about once a month to discuss upcoming activities.

Formal Committee

The formal committee makes sure our members are provided with a monthly activity that’s fun as well as interesting and educational. Examples are lectures, symposia, workshops or a company visit, but also the famous etiquette dinner! With 6 women strong (from left to right Romy Bosvelt, Sara Jansen, Katinka van Dongen, Vera Frijters, Myrthe van Wilgen and Rochelle Bavelaar), this committee provides the in-depth touch that makes us a real Honours association!

Trip Committee

Hi everyone! We are the members of this year’s trip committee: Emily Ahrens (chair), Clara Eggenhuizen (secretary), Nicolas de Graaf (treasurer), Romy Bosvelt and Sara Jansen (board member). As the trip committee, we will be planning a trip of around five days to a beautiful destination that will be spectacularly revealed later ;). We’re very excited to organize a great, educational, safe but above all fun trip this year! And with such a great and committed group, we’re sure that won’t be a problem. We can’t wait to take you guys to an amazing destination and have lots of fun getting to know everyone and discovering a new place together <3

Lustrum Committee

Since the NSHV exists 10 years this year, we have a very special committee among us: the lustrum committee! Within an extraordinary theme (which remains secret for now), the LustrumCie will organise a few lovely, diverse activities every other month for all members of the NSHV. The LustrumCie consist of these active members: Anouk, Nuria, Floor, Lucie, Ellen, Rosan, Jill en Ilse. We hope to see you at one of our activities this year!


NSHV Magazine

Prisma, the NSHV-magazine, is published four times a year by the Editorial Office. Filled with standard colums, photos, puzzles and more, it's always promised to be a magazine that's great to spend your days with. You can pick up the good old paper edition of the magazine in the NSHV-Room (TvA 1.00.31) or at the Radboud Honours Academy. Of course, in this day and age, you can also read it with one click of your mouse.


The NSHV-magazine is called Prisma because of the various study backgrounds, ages, interests and goals of NSHV-members. All these students have joined together in one study society. A Prisma spreads a white light bundle to a full spectre of colours, just like honours students are spread out over the whole spectre of studies.


The Editorial Office is always looking for members who want to write, draw, make puzzles or make other contributions to the NSHV-magazine. Please to contact them by sending an e-mail to if your hands begin to tremble of excitement after reading these editions.





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